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 Tiwari, G. S. Hoondal, "Laboratory Techniques In Microbiology & Biotechnology"
Swastik publishers | 2005 | ISBN: 8182470773, 9788182470774 | 193 pages | PDF | 10,1 MB

The present manual comes from the teachers who have more than twenty-five
years experience PI' teaching and research in microbiology and to
undergraduate and postgraduate classes. yhe manual has been written for university
undergraduates (Medical and Engineering streams) having interest in Microbiology and
Biotechnology. Students joining these disciplines are primarily the science students who
may have only a brief exposure to microbiology being taught as small component along
with biology. Much emphasis is on the exercises in botany and zoology and that through
models. Some students from non-medical stream who even lack the basics of biology or
have forgotten what they have learnt up to matriculation join B.E Biotechnology and
Food Processing Technology courses. Students often lack the knowledge about the
handling of microbes despite the fact they have the information ahout their potential as
foes and friends. Hence it becomes obligatory to impart them good training comprising
basics of biosciences, microbiology and biotechnology at least at the university or college
to comprehend the concept of sterile techniques, cross contamination,
decontamination in laboratory, aseptic transfer techniques form one culture medium to
another especially during cultivation and examination of microbial and cellular forms.
Although there has been a sea change in the research activities with the advent of,
molecular biology and biotechnology but it is not possible to make progress unless one is
conversant with the microbiological techniques pertaining to handling of microbes which
has not changed over years. In recent years, very few books have been puhlished
pertaining to basic techniques, which have heen neglected because of hype created with
the emergence of relatively newer branches like biotechnology that also require one to
efticient and proficient in handling of microbes to be a good biotechnologist.

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